Knowledge and attitude toward the emergency plan

Knowledge and attitude toward the emergency plan


Knowledge about the emergency plan

Table 12 presents the knowledge about emergency plan mean score with 1 being not at all and 3 being completely. The statements are presented in the order of those in which respondents reported higher levels of agreement to lower levels of agreements.

Table 12

Knowledge about Emergency Plan

Note. Values are based on a scale of 1 to 3 with 1 = not at all and 3  = completely.

Leaders report to have a high level of knowledge about how to perform in case of emergency (see Table 14). All the five items of this scale report a really high mean score. The one that got the lower score regards the building’s structure (M=2.46). This could be because the building is really big and so some people are familiar only with the part they daily use.

Something interesting to notice is that nobody answers “not at all” to the most important and higher item “I know the location of the emergency exit” (M=2.86). Of course asking to the leaders themselves to judge their own level of knowledge has some reliability problems.