Leadership, Creativity & Innovation: METHODS (SAMPLE)


The research was conducted in the territory of Cesena.
The National Confederation of Artisan/Craftsman (CNA), the biggest national association of small and medium enterprises, has supported the research project and provided the list of enterprises in the territory of Cesena, including ones that are the largest in employee numbers, those that have realized a significant innovation in the past two years and belong to different production sectors.
Participants are the employees of 25 different small and medium enterprises, in total 208 individuals. Medium enterprises are those that have 15-50 employees.
While those with less than 15 employees are considered small, of those enterprises 4 were of medium and 21 small enterprises.
Participants are mainly blue-collar workers such as renovators, building constructors, nurses, hair dressers, mechanics, electricians, distributors, small retailers, and postal service employees, etc.
The questionnaire was answered by 208 employees from the various enterprises. On average, approximately 8 employees answered it from each enterprise. The minimum number of employees who answered the questionnaire in one enterprise was 4, while the maximum number of employees who answered the questionnaire in one single enterprise was 21.
71% of the 208 participants are men, and 29% of them are women (5 persons didn’t indicate their gender).  38 % of sample is 20-30 years old; 30 % is the age ranging from 31-40 years old; 21 %  is between 41-51 years; the remaining 7% is a  51—70 years old. (8 persons didn’t tell about their age.)
The participants were instructed to put the completed questionnaire in a return envelope prepared by us. Strict confidentiality was guaranteed.